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thank god thank god

Making  from this

Using PSP7 Easily translatable.

Okay. Take your picture, I used this one From here.

Crop it and make it 100x100.

Go to "effects" and "unsharp mask" Settings as follows: Radius:8.00 Strength: 50 and Clipping: 5

Duplicate the base three times. set them all to "soft light" Go to the topmost layer. hit shift+h to open the hue/saturation options, turn set them BOTH to -100. Both meaning "Saturation" and "Lightness"

Merge Layers.
Make a new layer, fill it with a tan color (#D6AA72)
Set to multiply at 50%

Make another layer
fill with these gradients
 Multiply at 35%
Softlight at 100%
Burn at 35%



Eh. Almost. You can mess with the opacity of the tan layer. And add brushes as you like. If you use the icon, remember to credit! =D

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